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Find the Best ERP Implementation Consultants
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The best ERP Implementation partners ensure result-oriented implementation of ERP systems that are robust and scalable and are driven by a high degree of expertise. ERP implementation is a tough task and it is always wise to hire the best ERP implementation partners ensuring precise implementation exactly matches business requirements 10 saving lot of time, effort and money.

What to look for in the right ERP?

If you work in a highly specialized line of business, it’s important to consider what modules you’ll need and if your preferred vendor offers them. These are some of the most common modules in ERP software:

  • Finance and accounting management

  • Tax Compliance

  • Resource and Inventory Management 

  • E-Commerce management

  • Multi Warehousing

  • Multi Organization

  • Supply chain and order management 

  • Customer relationship management(CRM) 

  • Marketing automation 

  • Human Resource modules. That includes HR recruitment, People management and payroll 

  • Procurement

  • Manufacturing/ Production process control Modules 

  • Live production updates

  • Subcontracting modules

  • Quality check modules 

  • Machine Integration (ioT) 

  • Business Intellegence (Reports/Statistics/Analytics)

Choosing the right ERP?

Choosing the right ERP for your business could be a top job as it requires extensive research combined with a review of multiple ERP applications. Here is when an ERP consultant's experience is required. They utilize their expertise in understanding the business process, identifying the scope of the work, and implementing the ERP as per the business requirement with high precision and also as per industry standards.

  • Plan your Budget thoroughly

  • Develop a realistic plan. start with drawing a simple flow chart if possible

  • Shortlist the best Fit

  • Evaluate

  • Decide

  • Document 

  • Implement

Choosing the right implementation partners!

While choosing the right implementation partners for your business, make sure the following criteria are met.

  1. Your consultant listens to you when you talk!

  2. Make sure your ERP consultant is rightly able to identify your pain points. 

  3. He is taking notes and building a process flow you talk.

  4. Comes up with meaningful recommendations.

  5. Takes responsibility and delivers on time as per the plan.

And this is exactly what we do!

Over the years we have implemented more than a dozen ERP systems for our clients worldwide and that is when we stumbled upon Accu360. We were so impressed by the first glimpse of the application that we decided to spend more than a year and a half reviewing the application and ensuring that it met industry standards. We finally decided to partner with Accu360 as a global consultant and business promotion partner.  We have reviewed the product to the extent that we are sure it can compete with the best brands in the market today. 

Implementing accu360 for a business could mean more automation driven by future-ready IoT systems.