6 Tips to choose the best ERP for your Organization in 2020

Updated: May 27

ERP or Enterprise resource Planning. Softwares automate not only your finances but also your Business process and are considered the Building blocks of an Organization.

What is Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)?

Enterprise Resource Planning can be defined as a bunch of applications combined or integrated together to work as one. There could be many departments in a business that needs to be handled. Now the question is, how many of you are able to follow up each and every task in your organisation on a daily basis? Well, if you can do that, you should be a Superman!

In the present world, ERP helps business owners and individual departments to communicate with each with great ease. What an ERP actually does is, bridges the gap between various processes in a business and helps you to access the data centrally without any data duplication. The use of a perfect ERP can benefit an organisation in a lot of ways. There are a few points to consider if you are thinking to implement and copy in your organisation trying to migrate from a traditional software application to a fully equipped enterprise resource planning software.

1. Ease of Access

2. Time-saving

3. Save Cost

4. Increase Profits

5. Support

6. Cost Effective

1. Ease of Access: The first and foremost point to keep in mind while implementing and finalizing your Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) application is to make sure you are happy is easy to access with user-friendly UI so that it is also easy for your employees to manage their day to day task easily with greater precision.

2. Time-saving: Evaluate your application and check if implementing the same could save lot of your time, this could mean you will be able to manage your business on your fingertips. Before you choose and copy for your organisation, the first and foremost point consider is whether the application you will save your time because if you are able to save time, you will be able to utilize the saved time to some other tasks which could be more productive, and this can be done today without having to wait for tomorrow. This means your time will be used productively and no time will be wasted and will help you make timely informed decisions.

3. Save Cost: Typically a perfect ERP should help you save your operational expenses/cost in multiple ways. When you consider an Enterprise resource planning for your organisation, the second point you should consider is whether the application would save your cost. When you say saving costs, it could be in multiple ways, you can rightly save your operational expenses (OpEx) and also your capital expenses (CapEx). And the saved money could be e meaningfully invested more resourcefully.

4. Increase Profits: If you are able to save expenses /cost, you should be able to meaningfully invest the saved money in something which would give you more returns and your profitability will automatically increase in this case without any doubt furthermore when you implement an ERP which meets all the necessary criteria mention herein, your business will start running in order, and when a certain degree of discipline is maintained and SOP's are followed, your business is all set to scale greater Heights without any doubt.

5. Support: Always make sure that you have a reliable vendor when it comes to business applications. Make sure that your winter has all the required expertise in supporting you at every step when you have any sort of complications with your software application.

6. Cost Effective: When it comes to a Robust and Powerful ERP software application, it is always advised that no compromise is made on the cost of the Software application as the first and foremost priority should be given to the smooth functioning of the organization which in turn will save not only a lot of your operational cost/ expenses but also will help you generate more revenue. However, there are many applications in the industry that provide cost-effective yet powerful solutions for your business at competitive pricing. Talk to your vendor and ask every question that pops in your mind whether it sounds meaningful or otherwise and try to get 100% answers from your software Vendor. Evaluate the software on the basis of individual offerings in terms of features as per the needs of your business and think patiently if all your requirements have been met before you make a decision


ERPs' (enterprise resource planning) or any other software application for that matter play a pivotal role in the day to day operations of your business. It ensures the timely exchange of information across your organization and makes sure there is no duplicate data and plays a vital role in executing timely transactions.

There could be several choices when it comes to choosing a brand, however, as per my review I would suggest the best ones available in the industry and below are why:

  • Zoho- If you are a micro, small or a medium enterprise, you can confidently go for Zoho suite of applications depending upon the nature of your requirement. The basic requirement for any organization starts with finance. From here you can extend and integrate more applications like the inventory, expenses, analytical reports, CRM, and more as per your requirement. The pricing is quite affordable so you will never feel the pain of spending too much money on software, although the software is the most important component in any business today.

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  • Effitrac- If you are an SMB with manufacturing distribution and Supply chain, You can go for Effitrac ERP and save a lot of money in terms of subscription with enterprise level advanced features available in Top most ERPs' in the Industry for large Enterprise. Effitrac is one such application that will make your complex Operations simple. It has all the necessary modules that a small manufacturing unit would require till what big factory would need for running their operations. Right from the GRN entry to managing BOM (Bill of Materials) to monitoring an entire Manufacturing process flow.

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Will talk about some excellent features in the coming days on one of the best and futuristic Point of Sale which serves world operating out of India and also talk about one of the best ERP ever built for large sized business

  • HDPOS - Has some beautiful features for Businesses that deals with large volume of sales such as the Supermarkets, Restaurants, micro and small businesses

  • SAP - Altogether a different level of application which has Ultimate features for large businesses which we will talk about in the coming days.

Happy operations!

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