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Updated: May 31, 2020

Effitrac- If you are an SMB with manufacturing distribution and Supply chain, You can go for Effitrac ERP and save a lot of money in terms of subscription with enterprise level advanced features available in Top most ERPs' in the Industry for large Enterprise. Effitrac is one such application that will make your complex Operations simple. It has all the necessary modules that a small manufacturing unit would require till what big factory would need for running their operations. Right from the GRN entry to managing BOM (Bill of Materials) to monitoring an entire Manufacturing process flow.

Effitrac's HR and payroll applications are really great and include all statutory compliance as per law. Moreover, it also provides employees access to their portal which is an excellent People application designed to diligently process the entire business solution. It also has a beautiful approval process that provides transparency at every transaction level. It helps to refine the productivity of Small, Medium Businesses(SMB) by providing cutting edge Business /Technology Consulting & intuitive Business Analytics Solutions.

The dashboard is amazingly beautiful which gives a bird view into your entire business, and helps you monitor your business health and helps you make timely decisions. Talking about the reports Effitrc has all the necessary reports as per the industry standards. Not only is the entire application customizable for SMBs', but you can also have customizable reports as well.

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