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Team of  IT Consultants with more than 20 years of Experience in the Industry

Vision: To create a global network of businesses and work towards the best interest of the Global Business community and win the hearts of millions of Customers Worldwide.

Specializing in Finance & Taxation, HR & People applications, Support Desk & remote assistance softwares, Hospital Information Management system(HIMS), Cloud Telephony Services, CRM and Marketing Applications using our expertise on Zoho, Effitrac, Tally, Wings, Insta applications and more.


We have the best team of Zoho experts who can get your organization up and running on Zoho

We can help build the best web design and e-commerce solution on Wix at unbelievably affordable prices.

Providing complete Training & Support like none other

SAC- Digital Services: 998313 We will get your Business Up and running ON 

Zoho One Implementation
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Billing and point of sale- POS Softwares

We have a software solution for every business need of yours. Our applications and solutions provide maximum impact on the growth of any organization.  We have a best-in-class design, architecture, development, and implementation capabilities that help organizations in their business requirements. Software for every Business and our applications provide a huge impact on the growth of any Organizations because that's how we design, develop and implement software applications because we understand that software is not just built for the sake of computerization but to benefit the Organization 100 time the size of their investment

Key Skills: 

  • ERP Solutions Consultants

  • Financial Consultants

  • Zoho authorized partners- Zoho experts

  • Tax Power Solutions/ Consultants

  • CRM power solutions/ Consultants

  • HR Application Implementation 

  • HIMS for Hospitals (Implementation)

  • Sales & Marketing Tools and concepts

  • Web design & E-Commerce


  • ERP power solutions consultants


  • Financial Consultants


  • Zoho Implementation Partners Kerala-Training


  • Tax Power Solutions consultants


  • CRM power solutions Consultants