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ZOHO Books Support

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Migrate to Zoho Books from Other Systems

Zoho Books is your one-stop solution for your business’s accounting needs. This page will guide you on how to migrate from your existing accounting system to Zoho Books. Read on to know about the step-by-step process to switch over to Zoho Books easily.


Export Data from Existing System

The first step in migrating to Zoho Books is preparing the required data. You have to export data from your existing system so that it can be imported into Zoho Books later. This also ensures that your data is backed up, which can be useful for future references.

Insight: Zoho Books supports only CSV, TSV and XLS file formats for importing data. So ensure that you export data from your system in one of these formats.

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Set up Your Organization Profile

Now that you have the required data ready to import, you can start setting up your Zoho Books organisation. After you sign up to Zoho Books, you have to fill up your organization’s details. To do this:

  • Log in to your Zoho Books account.

  • Click the Gear icon in the top-right corner to open Settings.

  • Select Organisation Profile.

  • Fill up the details of your organisation.

  • Click Save at the bottom of the page.


Read more about setting up your organization profile.

Import Chart of Accounts

Zoho Books has a set of predefined Chart of Accounts classified into different types such as Income, Expense, Equity, Liability & Assets. Most of these will be similar to the accounts in your previous system. So you can skip the duplicate account types and import just the additional accounts needed.

Insight: If you have sub-accounts, ensure that you include the parent accounts first in the import file and then the child accounts.

Pro Tip: If you have only a few additional accounts that need to be added in Zoho Books, you can consider creating accounts one-by-one, instead of importing them.

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To import the chart of accounts into Zoho Books:

  • Click the Accountant module from the left sidebar.

  • Select Chart of Accounts.

  • Click the Gear icon in the top-right corner.

  • Select Import Chart of Accounts.

  • Click Choose File to select the file to be imported. It is recommended that you download the sample file to check the format required for the import file.

  • Select the required Character Encoding and File Delimiter according to your import file.

  • Click Next.

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