Migrate to Zoho Books from Other Systems

This page will guide you on how to migrate from your existing accounting system to Zoho Books. Read on to know about the step-by-step process to switch over to Zoho Books easily.

Export Data from Existing System

The first step in migrating to Zoho Books is preparing the required data. You have to export data from your existing system so that it can be imported into Zoho Books later. This also ensures that your data is backed up, which can be useful for future references. 

List of information to keep handy before proceeding with migration:


Make sure you prepare all the data as per the format prescribed in zoho and also ensure the information as accurate as possible, inaccurate information may lead to complication while importing data. Talk to Us if you want us to help you convert the data to Zoho Format

Let us help you with the sample data below

Migration means bringing in the following into Zoho:

The first and foremost task to be carried out is to configure

  1. Organization Settings

  2. Tax Settings

Below is the perfect sequence in which we need to import data while we carry out the implementation process.

  1. Chart of Accounts

  2. Items

  3. Contacts

  4. Transactions (Sales & Purchase)

  5. Opening Balance

Additionally you can also import a secondary set of data

  1. Bill payments

  2. Credit Notes

  3. Estimates

  4. Journals

  5. Payments

  6. Purchase orders

  7. Recurring bills

  8. Recurring Expense

  9. Recurring Profiles

  10. Retainer Invoices

  11. Vendor Credits

Before we start off with the migrating process, we need to make sure al the information within the data is correct and converted into Zoho format.


Apart from the above, the following tasks has to be carried out as part of the implementation process:

  1. Testing as per the information migrated

  2. Data accuracy Audit by the Client/Customer

  3. Add bank or credit card accounts. Update Opening Balance for Bank Account. Import Bank Feeds.



You can follow the above steps all by yourself in order to migrate yo Zoho. Talk to Us if you want us to help you in any way to migrate data or get your business up and running on Zoho. 


Our implementation fees are split into the following


Kindly note: Traveling cost has to be provided by the client/customer if onsite visits are required. Generally this could be avoided. and we can assure all possible support online in the best interest of your Business.

Kindly Note: Customers would be completely responsible for data accuracy provided by them. I f we do the the data conversion, Customers should check the data converted by us for any inaccuracy/ inconsistency since there are always possibilities for  data error/loss during the handling of huge data. However we have never experienced such  instances so far and have tried our best to keep the data as accurate as possible as per the original data shared by you.


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