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Tap into Your Team’s Full Potential with Zoho Training and Certification

Through our streamlined Zoho training and certification, we enable teams across companies to realize what they are capable of and achieve peak performance.  


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Zoho Training Service by Experts

If utilized to their full potential, Zoho products can work wonders in your business. However, despite switching to Zoho, hundreds of businesses still continue to be what they used to be before Zoho migration. This is where our specialized Zoho training and certification come to play. Our team consists of experienced trainers who know every single feature of Zoho through and through. No matter which Zoho product you wish to master, leave it to us, and we'll guide you through to proficiency and enable you to utilize it like a pro.

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Gain Mastery Over Any Zoho Product with Techtron's Comprehensive Training Programs

Zoho CRM Training:

In this streamlined Zoho training, we help you understand the fundamentals of Zoho CRM as well as the best practices for using it. You will learn how to use different features like automation and customisation. We also offer exclusive Zoho CRM admin training. 

Zoho Books Training:

Our Zoho training and certification for Zoho Books cover all the functionalities and features it comes with. We will help you get a thorough take on accounting principles, financial management and invoicing. 

Zoho Creator Training:

The curriculum of Zoho Creator training consists of app development and workflow automation within this innovative productivity app. Trainees would also understand how integration works within it and the various techniques for the same. 

Zoho Campaigns Training:

The objective of our Zoho Campaigns training is to help your marketers learn how to use this advanced Zoho feature efficiently to maximize marketing efforts. We will help you learn how to create email marketing strategies, do campaign management and review analytics.

Zoho Desk Training:

Our Zoho Desk training is designed to equip your support team to handle tickets, engage in customer communication etc. By the end of this Zoho training, we ensure that your team is proficient in all aspects of Zoho Desk.

Zoho One Training:

With our Zoho One training, we will guide your team through the various applications included in Zoho One. We equip them with the expertise to optimize workflows and hands-on training to ensure your team can leverage Zoho One for maximum efficiency.

Zoho Analytics Training:

In our Zoho Analytics Training, we cover topics such as data modelling, dashboard creation, and advanced analytics techniques. The goal is to equip your team with the knowledge and skills needed to derive actionable insights from your data. 

Top Reasons to Invest in Zoho Training and Certification

  • Proper Zoho training is the only way to ensure that your team has the knowledge to utilize Zoho applications and thereby maximize ROI.

  • Zoho training and certification enhance your employees' skill set and professional profile. It fosters gratitude towards your company.

  • Zoho training Service makes the team familiar with advanced features to optimize the business processes within Zoho applications.

  • Your employees’ mastery of Zoho applications empowers them with quick decision-making abilities and enhanced data accuracy 

  • Zoho training encourages a culture of expertise among your teams to adapt to new features and updates quickly.

  • A team that has received advanced Zoho training knows about the causes of errors and uses Zoho applications for collaboration and efficiency.

Avail Flexible Zoho Training Options with Us

On-Site Training:

Our on-site training enables you to have our Zoho expertise at your location to train your team. We provide you with hands-on learning sessions customized to your organization's unique needs. 

Virtual Training:

We offer interactive Zoho training virtually. You can avail of this type of training from us from anywhere. Our virtual training sessions consist of real-time instruction, collaborative exercises, and Q&A sessions. 

Self-Paced Learning:

Our self-paced Zoho learning platform allows individuals to get familiar with Zoho applications at their own pace. We have curated flexible modules with comprehensive resources to enable people to develop their skills. 

Endorsements from Our Verified Customers

Zoho CMR training offered by Techtron improved our workflow! As a Marketing Manager in healthcare, I can do campaigns effortlessly thanks to the comprehensive training. Highly recommended for industry-specific training. 

Ahmed Farooq, Marketing Manager, Healthcare.

We received Zoho Books training from Techtron. It was indeed a game-changer! The team provided tailored training sessions and covered insights on the financial aspects. Since then, we have been able to run the operations smoothly. Kudos to the trainers for their expertise and guidance. 

John Samuel, CFO .

Our educational institutions have started to build custom apps that could improve student engagement and enhance administrative efficiency. Thanks to the exceptional support and guidance offered through your Zoho Creator training. 

Stephen Smith, Chairman, Education Institutions

We recently switched to Zoho Inventory and our team needed hands-on experience. The training enhanced our team's confidence in inventory management processes.  We are able to keep the stock levels and reduce costs. 

Ajay Rathod, Operational Manager, Retail

  • Q. How does our Support services work ?
    We are Zoho authorized partners and by accepting the tag request(you can change any point of time) you become our customers and hence we become authorized to support you. Now we have two types of support: 1. E-mail Support with step by step instructions which is FREE of cost for all customers tagged with us for support. Tag us here 2. Live support, where our representative will help carry out the migration process which would cost roughly around INR 8000 to 10,000 per year data to be migrated depending upon the size of data to be migrated, however, the e-mail support remains FREE for all customers tagged with us for support. Tag us here
  • Q. Do you charge extra for any of Zoho subscriptions?
    A. Not at all ! its all the same! Either you buy from us or you buy it from Zoho directly the cost of your subscription will remain always the same. We are not charging any extra nor are you entitled for any extra discount by purchasing directly from Zoho. Have more Questions in this regard? Book a Free Consultation.
  • Q. What are the main steps and milestones in the integration process?
    The first step forward would be is to identify your process flow Identify the scope of the work Provide you with the list of tasks with the estimated hours and milestones with pricing Share proposal Implementation (customization, integration, demo, training and post implementation support) Have more Questions in this regard? Book a Free Consultation.
  • Q. Is your Support Free?
    A. Yes, We want you to grow and we take pride in our Customer's growth. Our free support are limited to priority e-mail support and any telephone support that are quick fixes only at our discreetion as we do not know how time consuming the issue could be. We have experts to answer to all your questions, however to be on a safer side, we wont guarantee complete resolution to your query to which you are seeking free support. We would only charge you if you require support in depth or any support related to Implemenation. Have more Questions in this regard? Book a Free Consultation.
  • Q. Do you give Discounts?
    A. Yes, We will assess your situation based on Zoho guidelines and we help you negotiate for discounts with Zoho. We will talk to Zoho on your behalf and push for discounts if at all its applicable in your case and if its something that Zoho would Consider. Have more Questions in this regard? Book a Free Consultation.
  • Q. How transparent is the Process?
    A . Winning the trust of millions of our clients has been always our priority. We keep you in loop pertaining to your case in all the conversations that would take place. Have more Questions in this regard? Book a Free Consultation. ​
  • Q. Can the Tagging process be reversed?
    Yes, You may choose to change your Zoho support providers at any time. There is no obligation whatsoever. Have more Questions in this regard? Book a Free Consultation.
  • Q. Please provide an initial estimate of the timeline and the total cost of the project.
    A. It's really difficult to provide you with an estimated cost without even identifying the scope of the work. Since you are curious to know about the cost involved, our pricing on zoho books basic setup starts from as low as INR 10,000/-
  • Q. How will your team be integrated? # of people and their roles as well as the people required from our end.
    A. Our Team will include a one Finance Consultant, One Project Manager, and Back and developers required as per the scope of work Your Team should ideally consist of a single point of contact preferably who understands your end to end process, you are app development project manager and your person responsible who is taking care of your Finance in this case.
  • Q. What is your approach for the technical integration of the APIs? Our developers are capable of doing the coding but we will need to know the business and accounting logic behind, as well as the accounting tools data models so that they know where to call those APIs in our system.
    A. We will work hand in hand with your developers and correctly address these areas of concern.
  • Q. What post sales services or support services do you offer?
    A. Our services are limited to implementation and post-implementation support that would include pre-sales and post-sales consultations, customizations, integrations, migration, demos, training, commissioning. We have you all covered including early AMC.
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