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Facebook Lead Ads Integration with Zoho CRM + Zoho Social

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

If you're running a Facebook Lead Ads campaign, you've probably found yourself wishing for a tool to track your leads easily. Facebook Lead Ads are a great way to connect with quality leads—but wouldn't it be so much easier if you could:

a. Track your leads in a single tool without downloading a CSV every time. b. Measure how successful your campaigns are.

With Zoho Social's integration with Facebook Lead Ads, you'll be able to:

a) Track your all your leads from Facebook and Twitter in a single tool, without having to download a CSV every time.

b) Measure how successful your campaigns are with relevant metrics and stats.

c) With the Zoho CRM integration, you can also sync all your leads and/or specific Facebook Lead Forms with Zoho CRM in real-time.

d) Run a new Facebook Lead Ad from Zoho Social if you have Admin or Advertiser permissions for the ad account.

Facebook Lead Ads are available in the Premium, Agency, and Agency Plus Plans.

If you already a Zoho CRM user? Here's what you need to do:

1. Set Up Lead Ads Now and Connect a Facebook ad account that is running Lead Ads.

2. If you have already enabled your CRM integration with Zoho Social, Edit Mapping.

3. Allow Zoho Social to automatically map all fields to Zoho CRM. Which means, the default fields available in your Facebook Lead Form will be mapped with the fields available in the Leads module on Zoho CRM. However, you can select Edit Mapping to individually map some fields to your CRM.

Zoho Social will not sync unmapped fields to your Zoho CRM account.

If you haven't yet enabled this integration, connect your Zoho CRM account with Zoho Social to start mapping fields and push leads automatically to your CRM.

Once you have enabled the Zoho CRM integration, Zoho Social will then automatically collect all ads run from that specific Facebook Ad account and push the leads generated directly to Zoho CRM.

When you configure this integration for the first time, the leads from the last 90 days' active lead forms will be displayed. You will need to select Add all Leads into CRM to push the new leads to CRM.

Going forward, all the new leads generated from your Lead Ads will be automatically pushed to Zoho CRM. Learn more about the best practices for Lead Generation through Facebook Lead Ads.

Don't have a Zoho CRM account?

If you don't have a CRM account, you can still integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Zoho Social to view the new leads in real time, export the lead list as CSV, and view the stats related to the Lead Ad.

However, you will not see a Lead Generation tab in Zoho Social where you can trigger workflow rules to automatically push leads from your Facebook Lead Ads to Zoho CRM.

You can disable the integration with Zoho CRM at any time and You can also disconnect the Ad Account from Zoho Social at any time.

You can always run a new Facebook Lead Ad from Zoho Social if you have Admin or Advertiser permissions for the ad account.

You can create Lead Ads with more targeting, budgeting and biding options on Ads Manager.

Managing Lead Ads

Once you access your Facebook Lead ad account on Zoho Social, you will get a complete view of all your Lead Ads and Lead Forms. You can track all your leads along with the status of the Facebook Lead Ad campaigns and Lead Forms. View the status of the Lead Ad as:

Active Inactive In review Not delivering Not Approved Deleted

You can also click on the refresh icon to see the changes to the lead forms that were made directly from Facebook.

Additionally, you can choose to keep all Lead Forms, or some Lead Forms in sync with CRM by clicking on the toggle switch to enable CRM integration for each form.

Syncing Form Fields from Facebook Lead Ads to Zoho CRM

Facebook lets you collect 20 types of pre-filled lead data through Lead Forms. This includes basic details and custom questions.

Every time a new Lead Form is used for an active Lead Ad, Zoho Social will automatically sync the default fields with your CRM. However, there’s always a high chance that your Facebook form fields differ from the ones available in your Zoho CRM account.

Therefore, you might have to manually edit mapping for custom questions in the Lead Form on Zoho Social to enable the integration of the form fields from Facebook Leads to Zoho CRM. When you complete this process, the default fields available in your Facebook Lead Form will be synchronized with the standard fields available in the Leads module in Zoho CRM.

Zoho Social will not sync unmapped fields to your Zoho CRM account.

Sync additional fields related to your Ad campaign

With Zoho Social's Additional Field Mapping, your sales team gets all the contextual information of the lead source-- right from Facebook Page, Ad Campaign, Ad Set, and Lead Form to Ad Account details. This helps Sales Admins define lead gen-specific workflows and rules in Zoho CRM.

Please make sure that the Leads module in Zoho CRM has the necessary additional fields to proceed with field mapping of additional fields.

Here's how you can manually edit additional field mapping on Zoho Social:

Click on Edit Mapping under Additional Fields in the Lead Forms tab.

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