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LeadChain for Zoho CRM- An Overview

Updated: 5 days ago

Zoho LeadChain is an automated lead ads synchronization software that lets you synchronize the leads generated from your social media ads to the CRM and vice versa. This is specifically designed to bridge sales and marketing efforts making it easy for brands to keep an updated record of leads in their CRM account in real-time, visualize and take steps to maximize the ROI.

The benefits of LeadChain 

Eliminates all the manual processes involved 

Businesses invest a lot in generating leads from social media ads. They also use a CRM tool to manage their business process which consists of vital information about the leads, contacts, and the deals that are associated to them. Now, to keep the CRM updated with all the new leads generated from social media, marketers are forced to manually export the leads generated on social media and import them back to CRM. This is time-consuming and can lead to data errors or duplication.


LeadChain makes this simple by integrating your Facebook Lead Ads and CRM ensuring that the data flows in real-time. This helps the sales, marketing, and customer service teams in your organization to always have access to the right information that they need.   

Optimize Ads 

Now that the data flows seamlessly from your lead ads to CRM, it's also important for the ad tool to understand more about your lead data, and the sales cycle that you follow in your business. You might have a six/ten step process in your sales cycle and it varies from one business to another. When this information is fed back to your ad tool, say Facebook, it enables you to generate high-quality leads by optimizing them based on the sales information.

Understand the ROI 

With this integration, you have all the necessary data that's required to identify the ROI. Here's how it gets simple. All the leads generated from the social media ads can be identified and filtered out using the Lead Source field. You can then track the various touchpoints from the initial contact to the deal closure, and the revenue that's generated for your business. This helps you calculate the ROI. You can even trace the source back to the exact ad/form that helped you generate the leads.

LeadChain lets you synchronize data in the following ways:

  1. Leads generated from Facebook Lead Ads to Zoho CRM

  2. Lead details in Zoho CRM to Facebook Conversion Leads 

What's a Chain? 

The chain represents the integration between the source and the destination. For example, a chain between Facebook Lead Ads and Zoho CRM where Facebook Lead Ads is the source and Zoho CRM is the destination.

Manage your leads and target your advertising strategy towards potential leads through unlimited chains, all from one tool in Zoho CRM. LeadChain transfers your lead data from Facebook Lead Ads in real-time, instantly helping you convert them into customers in Zoho CRM. It also optimizes your plan by sending data back to Facebook and re-targeting the users who are most likely to convert, saving you time and effort.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited chains and ad accounts. Create unlimited chains to integrate unlimited ad accounts and manage data sharing in a straightforward and easy-to-use interface. Map Facebook Form fields to Zoho CRM fields.

  • Sync leads and increase lead quality. Capture real-time lead information from Facebook Lead Ads and seamlessly send it to Zoho CRM. Increase lead quality by syncing back lead conversion stages to a Facebook pixel and keeping target strategy up-to-date.

  • Lead segmentation and monitoring. Segment the leads optimally and maintain an information database. Download lead information as a CSV file. Pause and resume sync specific to an integration.

  • Optimize lead conversion. Display targeted information to high-quality leads and increase the chance of conversion. Pause and resume lead sync specific to an integration.

Pricing Details 

LeadChain comes with two pricing subscriptions: Free, and Standard. Here's the list of features available:

LeadChain for Zoho CRM

Transform your leads into customers by syncing data automatically

Screen Shots

LeadChain for Zoho CRM

Transform your leads into customers by syncing data automatically


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