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Delivering Expert Zoho Configuration and Deployment Services

The success of your business depends on how much you invest in understanding its true potential and strategizing accordingly. Zoho implementation can ease this process, we are truly familiar with successfully implementing ZOHO for smooth Zoho integration. This is where Techtron comes in with its distinguished certification as a Zoho Partner and Authorized Reseller. Let us keep your business going forward! 


ZOHO Authorised Partner

Zoho Onboarding
Zoho Customization
Zoho Data migration
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100% responsive Support Team. Always There to Help !

Expanding the horizons of your business by adding convenient features can navigate you towards success. However, its success rate depends on the brilliance of executing it in the right way. As Zoho authorized partners, we are here at your service to smoothen the implementation, integration and customization of Zoho applications addressing your business challenges. By taking an extra step in strategizing exclusive solutions fit for your business targets, Techtron helps you reach your goals quickly. Our team guarantees user-friendly solutions within your budget that can create a massive difference. Our reputation as Zoho implementation partners is strictly based on our expertise, hands-on skills and responsible nature towards our clients. 

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Put an End to Your Business Challenges Through Zoho  Authorized Partners Like Us!

Are you anticipating positive business outcomes? Zoho consulting partners like Techtron simplify the process by unlocking Zoho's potential and aligning it with your business goals. Still undecided about implementation?

1. Drive Productivity with Zoho Projects

Leverage data insights from Zoho to make impactful decisions, enhancing productivity and yielding favourable business outcomes.

2. Identify High-Quality Leads

Maximize lead generation and tracking with Zoho CRM, Zoho Campaigns, and SalesIQ, gaining clarity on conversion probabilities and optimizing your lead pipeline.

3. Unified Operations for Seamless Efficiency

Streamline customer interactions by integrating all aspects, fostering a cohesive environment and enhancing operational efficiency for improved customer satisfaction.

4. Ensure Robust Data Security

Rest assured with Zoho's transparent and secure tools, safeguard your data and maintain compliance with industry standards.


5. Boost 'Social' Conversions

Capture potential leads on social media platforms efficiently using Zoho Social and Zoho CRM, driving conversions and expanding your customer base effectively.

When we say ZOHO, We mean implementing the complete Zoho suite of applications for your Business !!!


Setup & Onboarding Support

We offer personalized onboarding assistance to ensure that you get up and running on Zoho in no time.


Expert consulting and end-to-end implementation services for Zoho products. This is when we start planning on how to implement Zoho based on your requirements.


Techtron offers fast and hassle-free data migration from any platform to Zoho to help you get your work done quickly and efficiently.


With our expertise, you can optimize your business processes and increase efficiency by customizing Zoho matching your needs. 


Dedicated to making sure you have the tools and knowledge necessary to use Zoho to its fullest potential. We give you complete handholding to get you started and get rid of all roadblocks.


Integrate Zoho apps with your current systems or utilize third-party integrations. We offer complex integration services at affordable costs.

This is How We Do it As the Best Zoho Authorized Partner. 


Get on a Discovery call with us. We will gather your requirements in the first stage and understand what you are looking to achieve.



Based on the actual business requirements, we will put forth our recommendations on Zoho or any other applications that best suits your need.



Preparation of a Process document defining your SOP that clearly explains your Business Workflow



Getting your Organization up & running on ZOHO as per your need (Customizations, integrations (native/third party) & Training)


Training &Support

Providing post implementation support that keeps your business operations going on Zoho 

Start your Project with a 30 minute FREE Call

Steps to Plan Your  Successful Implementation and Getting your Business Up and Running on ZOHO


Schedule a (FREE) Call

We look at what’s working in your business and where you’re losing leads and sales. Then we’ll give you a plan to fix it.



Building your Business Workflow. Document the complete requirement which can be used for all future reference.



Turn strategies and plans into actions and accomplish strategic objectives and goals, Integrations, Training and Support

Confused ? Struggling to get your Business on ZOHO ?


Authorized Partners

Confused and Struggling to make the right choice and make informed decisions? We will help your Organization up and running on Zoho.

Struggling to migrate your old data to Zoho? Don't be, we will have you covered!

Worried about Security? Zoho uses industry-standard AES-256.  All customer data is encrypted in transit over public networks using TLS 1.2/1.3 Read More

Are you struggling with where and how to start? We will help you with the end to end process. 

Worried about the cost? We will explain how you can save time and bring down operational cost.

Can Zoho be customized? Yes! it's an engine that is fuly equipped with all the necessary powerful tools to help you scale up.

"Most of the Businesses struggle with the same questions, we can help you out. We can provide with end-to-end support"

Check Out Our Wide Spectrum of Services!

Data Migration

Being a certified Zoho consulting partner, we will make you experience fast and hassle-free data migration to get your work done quickly and efficiently.

Zoho Training

As Zoho certified consultants, it is our duty to ensure your expertise in using the tools and necessary knowledge in utilizing them to the maximum.

Zoho Customization

Through our expertise and reputation as a Zoho reseller, you can optimize your business processes and increase efficiency while saving money in the long run.

Zoho Onboarding Support

Obtain personalized onboarding assistance from us to ensure a seamless experience.

Zoho Consulting

Make our team your one-stop destination for expert consultation and end-to-end implementation services for Zoho products.

Third Party Integrations

Techtron consists of a team of Zoho integration partners to help you integrate Zoho apps with your current systems or utilize third-party integrations.

We are Exceptional! and These Testimonials Validate It!

Musthafa, Qatar

Due to the expert guidance received from Techtron, we could manage our entire operations through Zoho CRM. Earlier it was difficult to track the actual number of students who wanted to take our services. But, now, lead tracking has become easier!

Thomas Marikar, Kerala

It has been 2 years since we have implemented Zoho to our healthcare services. It was only due to the enormous knowledge level of the Techtron team that we could identify apt tools for our services and integrate them accordingly. Thank you very much.

Jake, United States 

Customizing Zoho CRM as per our requirement, which was to track the potential leads and maintain all the customer interactions in a single environment, helped us grow our construction business on the right track. Moreover, the numbers show the difference. Thanks Techtron.

Sudhaker Rathi, Kochi

Due to the massive number of immigration agencies, it was pretty challenging for us to track our clients and manage our operations simultaneously. Consulting Techtron for their expert opinion, resulted in a drastic growth of our leads. Plus their intensive training helped a lot in getting comfortable with the Zoho interface.

George Thomas, Bangalore

Thanks to Techtron for suggesting the Zoho CRM and implementing it into our ed-tech business platform. Their team troubleshooted a unique solution to solve the difficulty we faced in managing our admission process and tracking more students. We are grateful to you for pushing the growth of our business.

Kabir Muhammed, Kochi

We have been utilizing Zoho for the past 9 months and the journey has been great. Moreover, the role played by Techtron in identifying our challenges and goals in the supply chain field and aligning the tools accordingly was massive. Their skills and knowledge are remarkable and we are especially thankful for the support provided even after implementation.

Now, discover the benefits of implementing Zoho tools into your business interface through Techtron Global Services. As famed Zoho partners, we are specialists in providing customized solutions, irrespective of the size and domain of companies. Let us help you streamline your workflows and increase productivity, utilizing the merits of Zoho tools. Empower your business and make it fly high! Contact Us today to learn more.

  • Zoho Books & Finance Implementations

  • Zoho CRM & Sales Force Automation

  • Zoho Financial Audit Services

  • Zoho Data Cleaning Services

  • Zoho Migration Services

  • Zoho Customizations

  • ​Zoho HR & Payroll

  • Zoho Analytics & KPI Dashboards

  • Business Process Assessment

  • Zoho Marketing Automation

  • Zoho Authorised Resellers

  • E-Commerce Integrations

  • Training Services

  • ERP Integrations

Focus Industry Verticals

 Designer Dresses

Retail and Supply Chain

Girl in Art Store

Financial Services

Rolls of Rubber

Manufacturing and Distribution

Construction Work


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University Student

Education & Immigration (Consultants)

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