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Zoho: What makes it the most preferred business Partner

Updated: Feb 15

Zoho: If you are a micro, small or a medium enterprise, you can confidently go for Zoho suite of applications depending upon the nature of your requirement. The basic requirement for any organization starts with finance. From here you can extend and integrate more applications like the inventory, expenses, analytical reports, CRM, and more as per your requirement. The pricing is quite affordable so you will never feel the pain of spending too much money on software, although the software is the most important component in any business today. Zoho has a suite of applications that are suitable and perfect for any organization that wants to put its operations in order. It has every single application that your business needs. From small business to large Enterprise, Zoho has it all.

Starting from Finance which is tax compliant and is country-specific. Having more than 40 million users worldwide, Zoho has proven its expertise in handling all processes and workflow that business demands.

If you consider finance and marketing Zoho does more than anything that other conventional software applications have to offer. It has a wide list of applications that are powerful and robust and would be loved by anyone who wants his business to grow. Zoho provides all the modules necessary for different departments that business demands as unique applications which then can be integrated not only with each other and also third-party applications using APIs' thanks to slack and Zapier.

Be it your finance Department managing your accounts and taxation, your inventory, expenses, professional invoicing, project management, and analytical tools, Zoho has beautiful Automatons in place to get your receivables paid in time. Not only this, but Zoho also has applications that can benefit the support functions that you may provide to CRM applications where you can manage all your leads from where you can easily convert them into happy customers and run promotional campaigns to power your up-selling thus helping you generate revenue. You can also run your social media and digital marketing campaigns using a number of Zoho applications and also show organize meetings and webinars using online collaboration tools from Zoho.

And the best part Zoho is the pricing which is affordable even for Micro-business starting from INR 2499 per year or $90 per year.

You can sign up for a free Zoho Account and experience the fun of doing business.

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