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Govt Picks Zoho, & 9 Others To Build Indian Alternative for Zoom, Google Meet

Updated: Feb 14


The government of India has shortlisted ten companies including SaaS major Zoho and tech giant HCL Technologies, for developing a made-in-India video conferencing solution in India.

These companies will receive INR 5 Lakh from the government to develop a prototype of a product similar to Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams and other products. This is the first round of the selection. After this, the government will shortlist three startups out of 10 to build the product further. These three startups will receive INR 20 Lakh for building the video-conferencing platform.

Besides Zoho and HCL Technologies, other selected companies are PeopleLink, Aria Telecom, CyberHorizon Corp, Instrive Softlabs, PeopleLink Unified Communications Sarv Webs, Soulpage IT Solutions, Techgentsia Software Technologies and Data Ingenious. Read More

The government choosing Zoho to develop a made in India video conferencing solution is indeed a shot in the arm for Zoho.

Zoho already has two powerful applications in the area of video conferencing, a) Zoho meeting b) Zoho showtime. It is obvious that Zoho will definitely emerge as a winner in improving these applications into a video-conferencing application more than any government would expect. As my understanding goes, these two applications if merged together and given a beautiful UI and a unique user experience, Zoho could easily achieve what is expected and it should not take much time.

Leaving apart the UI and talking about the features, Zoho meetings and showtime has sufficient features that can easily compete with products like Zoom. It satisfies every requirement a business might have in terms of similar applications, there is no doubt that these two products are going to make bigger than now it already is.

People who are looking to find an alternative to Zoom, Google meet can Sign up for a free account below.

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