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Now Tally can be integrated with Zoho Inventory

Integrate Tally with Zoho Inventory

Tally Configuration – Make Sure to configure your Tally setup before starting Migration Process

Tally Installation

· Download your software. · Extract the file and open the folder. · Create Application shortcut on desktop double click on ZI to Tally application. · You can login into the application by using your ZOHO credentials. You have to make following Configuration changes in you Tally to convert your data Changes in General Setup · To visit General setup, press F12 and choose General option. · Go to Import/Export section. · Set “Yes” in Overwrite voucher option. Advance Configuration · To visit Advance Configuration, press F12 and choose advance configuration option. · Select in Tally ERP is Acting as “Both”. · Enable OBDC Server by selecting “Yes” as an option. Utility Setting · To visit Utility, press F12 and choose Utility option. · Change methods and Store number · Go back to Tally Gateway · Open Account Info -> Voucher Types -> Alter · Kindly repeat following two steps for all Voucher setting · Method of Voucher Numbering -> Manual · Prevent Duplicate -> Yes

How to Use ZOHO Inventory to Tally Data Migration Tool – Home Screen

Kindly follow three easy steps to migrate your data from ZOHO Inventory to Tally. Step 1: Select –

Step – 1 Finalize the data that you want to migrate from ZOHO Inventory to Tally. (Here I have select data from 01-04 to 05-04 for demo from my ZOHO Inventory) Step – 2 Open ZOHO Inventory to Tally Tool Step – 3 Select data that you would like to migrate from all the filter option of Select to Fetch section

· After Completing configuration, kindly select data that you would like to migrate from ZOHO Inventory to Tally.

· Organization Name Filter – User can choose organization name in case of multiple organization. · Branch Filter – User can also filter out branch wise data by using this filter. · Date Category – User can filter out data based on the data category. o Sales process Filters (Sales Invoice, Receipt, Credit Note, Debit Note) o Purchase process Filters( Purchase Bill, Payment, Vendor Credit, Expenses) o Other Filter( Journals, Fund Transfer) · Voucher Date – This filter select the data based on - From and To voucher date. · Modification Date – This filter select filter date automatically based your last export date. · ZB Status Filter – User can Export data based on the status like draft, confirmed, on hold of particular Invoice, Purchase Order, etc. Step 2: Import Once you select the data, click on Import from ZB button, to import data from ZOHO.

Step 3: Export – Step – 1 Open Tally in Backend. Step – 2 Select all the data from Data Panel that you would like to migrate from ZI to Tally tool. Step – 3 Apply filters based on the need from Category filters. Step – 4 Click on Export to Tally button.

Now user can check migrated data in Tally from ZOHO Inventory.



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