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Effortless payroll Processing. Less paperwork. More control. Greater accuracy.

Updated: May 20

Automate and complete your payroll processing in minutes. Need Help ?

Automate and complete your payroll processing in minutes Need Help ?

Uncomplicate payroll processing with features that give you more power

Choose an industry-specific pay schedule

Pick a payroll routine that fits your business. Fill your employees' pockets on the last day of every month, or choose your own custom payday.

Complete pay runs in a click

Spend less time completing your payroll. Once you have your paydays and schedule set, a click is all it takes to pay your employees.

Add customized one-time earnings

Plan and manage employee bonuses for holidays or profit-sharing programs and easily apply pre-tax or post-tax deductions.

Apply custom deductions to payslips

Set up one-time or recurring profiles to take care of voluntary and mandatory payroll deductions. Zoho Payroll automatically deducts the right amount and applies the appropriate taxes during each pay run.

Disburse salaries online or offline

Credit employees' salaries directly to their bank accounts online for simple, timely payroll. Offline check payments are easy to record too.

Share secured payslips online

Generate password-protected payslips and make them accessible online in a ready-to-download PDF format.

Receive timely notifications

Zoho Payroll lets you confirm processed payroll, see upcoming tax submission dates, and stay on top of your payroll operations.

Adapt pay runs to holidays

Pay date falls on a weekend or a government-declared holiday? Zoho Payroll automatically adapts your pay runs to process the day before the closure.

Temporarily exclude employees from pay runs

Employee leaves can stretch from weeks to months. Easily record the reason for their absence, and continue to process your current pay runs without skipping a beat.

Manage employee exits professionally

Letting an employee go might be hard, but once the decision is made, Zoho Payroll makes the process easy. Run termination payroll to handle your employees' notice pay, leave encashment, and other exit requirements effortlessly.

Powerful Administration Need Help ? Sign Up for Free Version !

Streamline your administration tasks and manage payroll like a pro

Zoho Payroll is everything you need to administer payroll for your organization. You can grant user roles and permissions, delegate responsibilities, oversee approvals, and build your organization your way.

Everything you need to run your payroll

Straightforward setup Enter your organization details, tax information, employee details, salary components, and pay schedule to get your payroll up and running right away.

Multiple work locations While you continue to expand your business, we help you to distribute the same perfect payslips across all your branches in different states.

Personalized salary components Choose different allowances, earnings, reimbursements, and perquisites for different employees. Easily enable or disable individual components, and Zoho Payroll will adjust to your settings and calculate the right pay.

Allowances that reflect your culture Choose from the list of preset allowances or tailor-make allowance categories to support your employees while they support your business.

Policies that set the tone for your organization Define your organization's FBP, reimbursement claims, and submission rules for IT declarations and investment proofs. You can collect POIs in multiple phases and set the dates when the resulting tax adjustments will be reflected in your employees' pay.

Empower your staff to collaborate without losing your control

Create unique roles for different teams Create multiple user roles to help your finance, admin, and auditing teams collaborate effortlessly. Ensure data integrity by granting users role-based access to the specific modules they need.

Delegate payroll responsibilities Share your workload and get work done faster. Use controlled access to invite your qualified staff to administer payroll.

Implement a payroll approval process Create payroll approval workflows and ensure pay runs get processed only after they get the go-ahead from you or your payroll administrator.

Send organisational announcements Send broadcast reminders with the due dates to submit investment proofs, income tax, or flexible benefit plan declarations.

Stay informed with timely notifications Receive personalized notifications and stay on top of everything that happens within your organization, from adding new employees to your payroll system to setting up their bank information and transferring salaries.

See it all in one place Get a holistic summary of your entire payroll operation. Check for pending pay runs, outstanding taxes and forms, employees under your payroll, and payroll expenses incurred, all from your dashboard.

Templates make your work easy

Organised salary templates Support your organisation's salary structure with personalized salary templates for various job roles. Associate a template with each employee and see their salary details get populated automatically.

Professional-looking payslip templates Choose from our collection of templates to build payslips with a clear breakdown of salary components, allowances, taxes withheld and deductions. .

Personalised portal invites Invite employees with a personalized message to get their work done, while you get your work done.

Payroll software with everything you need for administration.

Manage your employees and stay on top of your onboarding process

Chart the right course for your payroll operations from the day you hire your first employee and More Need Help ?


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