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What Is Zoho Books and How Does it Help Businesses? – Everything You Need to Know

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For businesses everywhere, a major challenge is keeping track of their finances. Without knowing where your money goes, wasted spending can quickly lead to financial trouble. Zoho Books comes to the rescue, offering a comprehensive solution for all your money-handling needs. Its reliable features empower businesses to take control of their finances. Read on to learn more!

Meaning of Zoho Books 

Zoho Books is a comprehensive accounting software that can handle various tasks, including storing bills and invoices, reviewing spending, managing project costs, monitoring tax compliance, and more. Leveraging Zoho Books accounting software, businesses can manage their money with clarity, ease, and tight compliance. From SMEs to large corporations, its smart features cater to all types of business needs while guaranteeing tight security, increased uptime, and comprehensive support.

What Are the Benefits of Using Zoho Books for Accountants? 

Zoho books is a fully GST-compliant accounting software. For businesses or accountants, Zoho accounting software offers numerous benefits. Let’s discover the top ones below. 

It is part of the Zoho productivity suite :

Zoho bookkeeping software, or Zoho Books, is one of the products bundled with the Zoho productivity suite. As such, you can easily integrate it with other products such as Zoho CRM, Zoho Analytics, etc.

It sends payment reminders:

Zoho Books supports automated payment reminders. It means you don’t have to chase any overdue payments. Moreover, it helps maintain a good relationship with your customers while ensuring timely cash flows. 

It fetches bank feeds:

You can easily sync your bank accounts with Zoho financial software. It will allow you to automatically fetch bank feeds or invoices of your transactions and thus eliminate the need to manually collect or store Zoho Book invoices. 

It facilitates better customer engagement:

Zoho small business accounting software offers a customer portal where your clients can keep track of their due payments, invoices, and transaction records. It helps your efforts to improve customer engagement. 

What Are the Key Features Offered by Zoho Books? 

Zoho books for personal use or accountants come with a variety of features which you can customise as per your business’s unique needs. Here are the top features it offers. 

  • Invoicing 

  • Client

  • Bills

  • Projects

  • Sales Order 

  • GST

  • Audit Trail

  • Reporting 

  • Documents

  • Estimates 

  • Expenses

  • Banking

  • Inventory 

  • Purchase Order 

  • E-invoicing

  • Online Payments 

  • Automation 

  • Vendor Portal

How to Use Zoho Books – Guidelines to Get Started

As someone getting started with using Zoho for accounting for the first time, you might have a lot of doubts. Here is the step-by-step Zoho Books training guide to help you. 

Log in to Zoho Books Accountant: 

You can access Zoho Books by logging in via the web or mobile app.

Choose Zoho Book Plans:

Choose an appropriate Zoho accounting package based on your business’s unique needs. 

Import data to Zoho Books:

Import your accounting data to Zoho Books to ensure continuity in your financial management.

Get familiar with the dashboard:

Zoho Books dashboards allow you to have real-time insights into spending, finances, sales, and more. Get familiar with each dashboard feature. 

Set your opening balances:

To get started, set the initial financial balances. This brings accuracy to your bookkeeping, like Zoho accounts payable.

Customize your Zoho accounting settings: 

Customize the settings of your Zoho Books to generate invoices, reports, and other data as per your business requirements.

Add items with details:

 Add items of your products or services with pricing and stock details. This helps you efficiently manage the accounting of the products and services you offer. 

Keep track of customers and vendors: 

Zoho for accountants lets you track interactions with your customers and vendors. It helps manage payments quickly and maintain detailed records for all contacts.

Ensure GST Compliance: 

With the help of the Zoho Books API, you can easily do the Goods and Services Tax (GST) calculations and reporting as per statutory guidelines. 

Initiate invoicing: 

Zoho lets you generate invoices and send them to your clients on time. This simplifies the cash flow management process. 

Generate and manage e-way bills:

Generate and manage e-way bills effortlessly to ensure the smooth and compliant movement of your goods. 

Manage sales transactions:

With Zoho Books, you can easily manage your sales orders. Whether generating invoices or collecting payments from customers, it simplifies the process. 

Handle purchase transactions:

Track or manage all your purchases, such as checking the bills or releasing payments to vendors, etc. 

Collaborate with accountants: 

Whether collaborating with in-house accountants or auditors, Zoho Books makes the process easier and saves you from complex financial processes and compliance faults.

Customize general settings: 

You can customize the general settings, such as preferences, notifications, and security features, as per your business requirements.


Fetch bank transaction data: 

Zoho Books helps you integrate your bank accounts with its features and allows you to easily manage transactions, track cash flows, and fetch reports. 

Approve transactions:

Make your financial transactions easy and accurate and have full control over them. 

Track all billable hours: 

With Zoho’s time-tracking feature, you can keep a close eye on the billable hours of all projects. It lets you bring more accuracy to your spending and invoicing. 

Manage documents: 

Attach or manage all your financial documents, such as contracts, receipts, or invoices, for quick reference.

Customer Portal for Transparency: 

Zoho Books customer service options come with an intuitive customer portal where your clients can access their invoices, review payments, and initiate communications. This makes all transactions transparent.


Integrate Zoho Books with other services: 

Zoho Books is compatible with all applications within the Zoho productivity suite. It is also compatible with third-party applications like Salesforce for easy data exchange. 

Access features via web tabs:

You can customize the Zoho dashboard with a variety of shortcuts and widgets to quickly access features that you use frequently. 

Manage checks: 

Both Zoho free accounting software and the paid version allow managing payments made via checks. 

Generate reports:

Zoho accounting software brings so much ease to report generation. From finances to sales to taxes and more, it lets you generate reports on any activity and helps you get actionable insights.


Zoho Books is essential accounting software for every business. Its comprehensive features simplify financial transactions and ensure accurate record-keeping. Moreover, it helps maintain compliance with statutory requirements. We hope you now have a thorough overview of what Zoho Books offers and how it benefits businesses of all types. If you need help with Zoho Books integration or have any doubts about its use, feel free to get in touch with our Zoho Books consultants.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is my financial data secure with Zoho Books?

Yes, Zoho Books ensures robust security for your financial data. It employs advanced data encryption protocols and secure access controls, along with periodic backups. So, your financial data remains safeguarded from loss or leakage.

Who are Zoho Books meant for? 

Zoho Books is meant for all types of businesses and people looking for an efficient finance management solution. Besides SMEs and large corporations, it caters to freelance accountants, auditors, and financial consultants.

Is Zoho Books different from Tally?

Yes. Zoho Books and Tally are two different accounting software programs. While Tally is a desktop-based traditional accounting tool, Zoho is highly sophisticated and offers cloud access. Moreover, it integrates very well with different Zoho as well as third-party services.

Can I use Zoho Books for free? 

You can use Zoho Accounting for free with its limited-period free trial. After the free trial, you need to purchase a premium plan. You can check out the Zoho accounting software price and choose a plan based on your requirements. If you are a small business or freelancer with small needs, Zoho Books cost shouldn’t be a concern, as there is a free plan with limited features.

Can I access Zoho Books via mobile? 

Yes. You can access Zoho Books via its dedicated mobile apps, available on both Android and iOS platforms. It allows all web features such as invoicing, report generation, and expense management.

Who is the owner of Zoho Books? 

Zoho Books is owned by Zoho Corporation, which was founded by Sridhar Vembu. The company is headquartered in Chennai, India.

How much does Zoho Books cost? 

Zoho Book pricing varies depending on the plan you choose. It offers three paid plans, namely Standard, Professional, and Premium, along with a free plan with limited features.


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